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Bartenders & Bar Packages

Additional Information and Pricing

Additional Bar Services

ABC Permit: Required for packages containing liquor. $100 to obtain Limited Special Occasion Permit $150 to obtain Limited Special Occasion ABC Permit. $200 to obtain a cash bar permit (available for 501(c) 3 non-profits or Political Action Committees ONLY)

Glassware Rental:

Cost of Rental + $100 service fee

Rental of requested glassware + pickup, delivery at the venue, and return to the vendor

Portable Bar Rental: $100

Plasticware (cups): $20/50 Guests

Ice: $5/10 lb. bag

Liquor Pickup and Delivery: if customer would like to provide their own alcohol and not purchase a bar package, we offer a pick up service at $100. Which includes:

Pickup from liquor store and delivery to event. Great idea for heavy kegs! 

**Additional $20 surcharge for keg rentals.**

Customized Drink Menu & Signature Drinks: TBD

We consult with you to create custom cocktail recipes to give you and your guests a unique, personalized experience.